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I stumbled across an interesting article from Money Sense magazine today. It offered a list of 23 items that should be on every homeowner's fall home maintenance checklist. 23!!! (The author did include the caveat that even she doesn't get all 23 done every year, and suggested readers pick and choose their top priorities.) But the most interesting part of the article for me was the top two tips: #1 Check your attic insulation. #2 - Add insulation to your attic.

The attic is an often-forgotten space - you probably just don't think about what is up there. But what is up there - or more importantly what ISN'T up there - could be costing you a lot of money in your home heating bills. A small investment in an attic insulation upgrade can save you money for years to come. Call or email Attic Master Insulation in Edmonton today at 780-464-4785 for your free estimate, and to book your attic insulation upgrade.

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