Alberta Home Improvement Rebate Program - New Details

Attic Master Insulation is pleased to be an approved insulation contractor for the Alberta Home Improvement Rebate Program. The program starts Friday, April 28, 2017, and the province has released new details on how homeowners can qualify for rebates.

--Rebates are only available for work completed by participating contractors. (Attic Master Insulation is an approved contractor)

--Homeowners will pay the contractor for the completed work.

--Contractors will complete rebate claims on behalf of homeowners.

--Homeowners will receive rebate cheques 6-8 weeks after submission.

For attic insulation claims, a customer will be required to sign a release form, which legally permits the contractor to share the customer's information with program facilitators. Contractors will also provide a detailed invoice, and include photographs taken before and after the insulation upgrade is completed.

Rebate amounts will vary depending on the size of the space being upgraded, the amount of insulation being added, and the R-value at completion. According to the Energy Efficiency Alberta website, a homeowner upgrading an attic from R-12 to R-50 could expect to see a rebate of approximately $54.50 per 100 square feet.

For more information or to book an insulation upgrade, or a free estimate, call Tyler at Attic Master Insulation at 780-464-4785.

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